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We curate a selection of vibrant seasonal coffees and roast them with relentless attention to detail. Every coffee that leaves our roastery offers a unique and immersive flavor experience sure to start your day off with a bang.

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Our most anticipated release of the year is finally here. With jammy washed and sun-dried natural coffees from Ethiopia, Burundi, and Kenya, this Christmas is going to be tastier than ever.

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New offering from Kenya: Njuriga AA

When I visited Njuriga Farmers' Cooperative Society in 2016, I was greeted by its Chairman, Wilfred Kimodo, its 9-member managing board, and a large bowl of boiled eggs and potatoes. I admit, after several days of questionable meals across rural Tanzania and Kenya, I was most immediately focused on the food... read more.

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Our job isn't over when the roasting's done— we help in all areas of your café. Our wholesale partners receive regular barista training, equipment maintenance, help with menu development, bar design, and more. Let's grow together!

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A cup of coffee isn't just a beverage— it's the culmination of hundreds of stories. Every coffee producer, harvester, mill worker, exporter, green buyer, roaster, and barista has a unique story. At every step of this process old stories are shared and new stories are created. Our hope is to honor those stories and inspire yours with fantastic flavors in every cup.