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Every coffee has a story

We curate a selection of vibrant coffees and roast them with relentless attention to detail.

Just brewed


In Ethiopia's hills, a lively natural yeast coffee flaunted its fruity charm. Meanwhile in Costa Rica's valleys, a natural coffee whispered of chocolate and spice. When their paths crossed, it was a match made in coffee heaven—a limited-time blend igniting taste buds with passion, a love story in every sip, destined to leave a lingering aroma of adventure.

Tasting Notes: Old Fashioned, Butterscotch, Syrupy

Every coffee that leaves our roastery offers a unique and immersive flavor experience sure to start your day off with a bang.


Verified review

"Their rogue espresso is the greatest coffee bean hands down and beats all the local stuff in DFW."

Taylor A
Verified review

"Best people to work with hands down. Great people!"

Verified review

"Novel Coffee Roasters has by far the best coffee beans I have ever had - and I drink A LOT of coffee. Their seasonal roasts are amazing & the year round Tried & True is my favorite. Big thanks to the Novel fam for always crushing it!"

Adam M
Verified review

"Best coffee in Dallas possibly in the world. Subscribe!"

Zach L
Verified review

Perfection! Consistent in great customer service, and quality taste!

Verified review

"I have been ordering coffee from Novel for quite some time. The coffee is amazing and consistent. My order is always correct and shipped on time. You can’t go wrong with a 5 lb bag of Rouge Espresso beans!!!!"

Carefully curated. Every cup, every time.

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