Rogue Espresso

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Rogue is our flagship espresso. For this blend, we focus year-round on sourcing coffees with a ton of natural sweetness, full body, and delicate (not overwhelming) acidity.  Sourcing carefully with espresso in mind allows us to produce a balanced, user-friendly espresso without needing to roast too dark.  A shot of Rogue should taste like berry jam and melted chocolate with a lasting clean finish.

To prepare Rogue, we generally dose 17-18g.  We find a 1:2 ratio (34-36g out) to be quite versatile in steamed milk or straight up. If you are looking for extra clarity in your straight espresso, a 1:3 brewing ratio makes a less concentrated espresso that reveals additional complexity and sweetness.

Shipping Schedule

We roast on Monday and Tuesday and ship USPS priority. Orders placed after Tuesday will be filled immediately if we have the coffee on hand. Otherwise, your order will be roasted & shipped the following Monday.