Our Story

The story of each cup of coffee follows the seed as it is cultivated, harvested, processed, traded, shipped, roasted, and prepared with care. At Novel Coffee Roasters, we are committed to Fair Trade principles, and we make sure that every person who is part of that story is treated fairly and rewarded for their work. We are grateful for the network of producers, exporters and importers that share our values, and for their partnership in helping us achieve our vision.

Every coffee has a story. This is ours.

Novel Coffee Roasters was founded in early 2013 by Kevin Betts and Ryan Smith. Fueled by a desire to discover amazing coffees fresh from the harvest and roast them with care to create profound taste experiences, Kevin and Ryan grew Novel Coffee Roasters from a passion project into a North Texas phenomenon — and then took it further. Novel Coffee beans are now shipped, ground, and brewed across forty states.

This year, the next chapter for Novel Coffee Roasters begins.

In early 2023, Kevin and Ryan passed the Novel Coffee torch to Katherine Morris, the owner of Cherry Coffee Shop in the Fort Worth Magnolia District. A believer in the community-building power of coffee culture with extensive café operation experience of her own, Katherine is bringing new shop owner tools, knowledge-sharing opportunities, and personalized support to the Novel Coffee Roasters experience.

Our founders chose Katherine to take Novel Coffee Roasters to the next level, and she chose them as well. A fellow coffee lover, Katherine is working with Kevin and Ryan to ensure that the secrets of Novel Coffee Roaster’s fine, subtle flavors pass smoothly to new hearts and hands.

We can’t wait for you to see, smell and taste the coffee stories we’re curating for you!