Black Swan Espresso

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"A 'Black Swan' is an event so improbable that when it occurs it changes everything." 

Why the espresso blend we never expected to make developed a cult following

Our Black Swan Espresso came to life in 2018 when a client asked for a darker espresso blend. Always up for a challenge, but unsure if we could deliver on a darker roast that still tasted great, I started testing new roast profiles. When I had my first cappuccino with what would later be called Black Swan, I said aloud, "Oh my god." It was my Black Swan moment.

Since then, the blend has taken on a bit of a following, and its fan base continues to grow each week. It's easy to see why, considering what comprises the majority of dark roasts on the market.

Why dark roasts often taste have that "blegh" taste

The industry undervalues dark roasts and the customers who enjoy them. Used as an opportunity to pass off coffees that are so old or full of defects that they wouldn't otherwise sell, dark roasts usually aren't given much care or attention. The roast profile might as well just be "set power to 100% and take a smoke break." Yikes.


Now, imagine cappuccinos that taste like rich hot chocolate. Straight espresso full of silky dark chocolate and amaretto. Full bodied drip coffee with smooth dark chocolate and fig. The aroma of baking spices wafting through the house.


Why Black Swan is different

It's intentionally sourced: 

Since 2018, we've been partnering with the same producers in Brazil to bring in naturally low acidity, sweet, defect-free coffees. Because of their unique approach, we're able to bring in fresh lots throughout the year.

It's meticulously roasted:

We're just as detailed with Black Swan as we are with our single origin coffees. Low acidity green coffees allow for a lighter touch while keeping the same overall flavor profile. Expect a fuller, smoother cup, without the bitter, smoky flavors.

All of this means...

It's easy to get great results.

Black Swan is incredibly consistent and tasty even if you don't have top tier equipment. No constant dialing in. No waste. No mess. Just good results each time.


    Recommended shot parameters:

    With at least 7 days of rest, the sweetness matures and the body smooths to become thick and velvety at a 1:2 ratio. We find ourselves dosing a bit lower for this espresso, around 16 -17 grams, and look for about 32 - 34 grams in the cup in around 22 - 26 seconds. 


    Enjoy Black Swan delivered directly to your mailbox as often as you'd like. Adjust your bag size, quantity or order interval, and even pause, resume or cancel your subscription directly through your account. Be sure to register your account when you've finished signing up to access your subscription settings.

    Need your order ground?

    Yes— we can grind it for you! 

    Drop us a note at checkout requesting ground coffee, and include your preferred brew method and brew time. 

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