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There was an old world belief that black swans did not exist. Upon their actual discovery, a metaphor emerged. A Black Swan is an event so improbable that when it occurs it changes everything. This is our modern take on the classic espresso; our way of making a darker roast taste great. Cappuccinos made with Black Swan taste like drinking chocolate -- hot chocolate made from melted bar chocolate instead of cocoa powder, made thick from the high percentage of cocoa butter. Straight shots are silky dark chocolate and amaretto.

With at least 7 days of rest, the sweetness matures and the body smooths to become thick and velvety at a 1:2 ratio. We find ourselves dosing a bit lower for this espresso, around 16 -17 grams, and look for about 32 - 34 grams in the cup in around 25 - 28 seconds. 


Enjoy Black Swan delivered directly to your mailbox as often as you'd like. Adjust your bag size, quantity or order interval, and even pause, resume or cancel your subscription directly through your account. Be sure to register your account when you've finished signing up to access your subscription settings.

Need your order ground?

Yes— we can grind it for you! Drop us a note at checkout requesting ground coffee, and include your preferred brew method and brew time. This will help us dial in the perfect grind size for you.

Shipping Schedule

We roast on Monday and Tuesday and ship USPS priority. Orders placed after Tuesday will be filled immediately if we have the coffee on hand. Otherwise, your order will be roasted & shipped the following week.

Fresh Roasted vs Rested Coffee FAQ:

What is "rested" coffee?

Rested coffee has been immediately stored in sealed, airtight bags and allowed to "rest" between 5-10 days after roasting. Much like aged wines and spirits, we believe that resting coffee improves its flavor. By giving the coffee adequate time to "rest"  the cup opens up to more sweetness and complexity.

What's the logic behind rested coffee?

When coffee is roasted, carbon dioxide builds up inside the beans as a byproduct of various chemical reactions. As the coffee rests, the carbon dioxide is released from the beans and out of the one way valve on the bag. If brewed before the coffee has fully "de-gassed," the carbon dioxide can disrupt the brewing cycle, creating a little more bitterness and astringency upfront and reducing overall sweetness. Sometimes these early cups taste 'faint' or 'unfocused.' Buying rested coffee allows you to skip the waiting period and dive right in to the best cups.

I've always heard that fresh roasted coffee the way to go. What gives?

As our roasting style has evolved through the years, we've been able to find more fantastic sweetness with fewer 'roasty' & bitter flavors. The trade-off is that the coffee takes more time to open up and offer its full sweetness. 

What happens if I place an order for rested coffee, but you're out of stock?

Predicting demand for rested coffee is tricky and we may run out. If that happens, we'll complete your order with fresh roasted coffee instead.

Aren't you just trying to get rid of your "old" coffee?

Not at all. We added this option to improve your coffee experience. Simply put— we always drink and serve rested coffee. At our café, in coffee competitions, and at home. In fact, we encourage our wholesale partners to serve our coffee no sooner than 7 days off roast. Often times the coffee we drink at home is between 2-4 weeks old.

What's the shelf life of the coffee? Won't it go stale?

As long as the coffee stays airtight, the carbon dioxide pushing out of the beans will create a protective barrier against oxidation. Generally speaking, the lighter the roast, the longer the shelf life. We find that coffees like Rogue Espresso and Black Swan Espresso still taste great with 4-5 weeks of rest. Some of our lightest single origin coffees have held up well for 3-4 months! We've even done some experiments with year-old coffee and had very positive results.