Guatemala Terrazas— Espresso

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Every single origin coffee that we prepare for our menu has its own unique roast profile, carefully crafted through testing and tasting. Special attention is paid to every change in heat, airflow, and timing to create the ideal flavor balance for drip and pourover brew methods. Creating the perfect single origin espresso means starting over on profile development with a totally different target in mind: reducing acidity, enhancing body, and extending sweetness without adding roasty bitterness. Whether your aim is to use this coffee for espresso, or your preference is for a smoother cup of drip, this coffee will deliver a dynamic flavor experience, full of sweetness.  Recommended shot parameters: 196°F, 18g in, 36g out, 30 seconds.

PRODUCER: Maria Elena Vides

REGION: La Libertad, Huehuetenango

VARIETIES: 100% San Ramon

ELEVATION: 1700 - 2050 Meters


TASTES LIKE: Port wine, cacao, nougat

STORYWith elevations ranging between 1700 - 2050 meters, Finca Terrazas has the perfect conditions for producing high quality washed coffees. Bourbon and Caturra varieties are often cultivated by specialty farms here in the Huehuetenango region. However, this coffee is unique in that it is solely composed of the uncommon variety San Ramón, a genetic offshoot of Typica. 

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