Guatemala El Rincón

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In 1968, Roberto Molina purchased 25 hectares in La Libertad, Huehuetenango, to establish his coffee farm, Finca El Rincón. With high elevations reaching 1700 meters and mineral-rich volcanic soils, La Libertad provided Robert with some of the best conditions for growing Bourbon and Caturra variety coffee. When Roberto passed away in 2011, his wife, Yolanda, took over production until 2016. That year, Roberto's nephews— Maria Elena Vides' family— began to manage the farm. As part of Jorge Vides' original vision for the community, El Rincón contributes to the school for farmworkers' families, practices sustainable farming techniques, and protects natural ecosystems and wildlife.

Region La Libertad, Huehuetenango
Varieties Bourbon, Caturra
Elevation 1550 - 1700 Meters
Process Washed, Patio-dried Under Parabolic Shade
Tastes Like Almond Croissant, Golden Raisin, Oolong

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