Ethiopia, Daye Bensa Natural

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We're excited to offer a new sun-dried natural from Daye Bensa to complement our washed process lot. Tasting differently processed lots from the same producer is always a fascinating experience; by using the same varieties, terroir, and climate, we can isolate the unique flavors that result from processing alone. In the washed process, the fruit of the coffee cherry is removed (known as "de-pulping") before fermenting the seeds in water tanks. This process often creates a brighter acidity and 'cleaner' flavor profile with more structure. In the sun-dried natural process, however, the fruit is allowed to dry directly on the seed, which bakes fruit acids and sugars into the seed, resulting in more berry and fruit flavors in the cup. We highly encourage you to try both lots side-by-side in order to experience the enormous difference processing methods play in the flavor of the coffee.

Region Sidama, Oromia
Varieties Heirloom
Elevation 2100 - 2300 Meters
Process Sun-dried Natural
Tastes Like Raspberry, Papaya, Floral

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