Endebess Estate Natural, Kenya

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After harvest, coffee is processed and dried to prepare it for export.  In Kenya, the traditional form of processing involves removing the cherry and fruit and performing two rounds of fermentation and washing. Nearly every farm and cooperative in Kenya perform a variation of this process. Endebess Estate, however, threw out the rulebook and sun-dried this lot!  In this method, whole cherries are laid out and turned frequently to ensure even drying.  During this time, fermentation occurs within the cherry itself, producing wild berry flavors.  In the cup we’re tasting blueberry, grape jam and fruit punch!

  • Region:   Northern Rift Valley, Kenya
  • Variety:   Batian, Ruiru 11, SL-28, SL-34
  • Elevation:   1750- 1950 Meters
  • Process:   Sun-dried Natural
  • Tastes like:   Blueberry / Grape Jam / Fruit Punch


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