Duromina, Ethiopia

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The Duromina Cooperative formed in 2010 when 100 farmers in the Agaro (western Ethiopia) partnered with TechnoServe to build their own wet mill. By unlocking the quality potential of their area and gaining direct access to the specialty market, this group has made huge strides for their community.

Duromina is a special coffee to us; we brewed it in the 2016 Western United States Brewers Cup and brought home a first place win. This year’s crop is just as stunning. On the front panel, we chose to include Ben Lytle’s hand-illustrated artwork from his presentation.

Producer:  Duromina Cooperative
Region:   Agaro, West Ethiopia
Variety:   Heirloom
Elevation:   1900 - 2100 Meters
Process:   Fully Washed
Tastes like:   Peach / Prosecco / Lively

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