Ethiopia, Ardi Natural

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The Guji Zone is an area with rich history; the Oromia people settled there over 500 years ago, and still inhabit the region in southern Ethiopia to present day. This coffee’s name is inspired by the discovery of the oldest hominid skeleton ever found (!!)-- Ardipithecus Ramidus. Unearthed in Ethiopia’s Great Rift Valley (located in the Guji Zone), the 4.4 million year old fossil was dubbed Ardi. Coffee is an inseparable part of the people who live in the Guji Zone, so it was only fitting to name a coffee after such an important discovery. This specific lot comes from producer Biru Bekele--harvested in early 2023 in the city of Odo Shakiso, Guji.

Region Oromia, Guji
Varieties Heirloom
Elevation 1,750 - 2,100 Meters
Process Sun-dried Natural
Tastes Like Strawberry, Tropical Fruit, Jammy

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