Peru, Alto Ihuamaca

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The remote area of San Ignacio is one of the original Peruvian regions to start producing coffee. Each harvest season is celebrated with a festival, as coffee is an integral part of the culture in this region--a region that regularly produces some of the best flavors. Coffee from Alto Ihuamaca is grown at a higher than typical altitude in Peru; the increased altitude contributes to the clean acidity of the coffee. This particular lot comes from small farms of only three producers, Percy Huaman, Fredeslinda Jimenez, and Jose Reyes. Due to the area's remote location, it is sometimes overlooked, but future investing will hopefully lead to more consistent sourcing from San Ignacio. 

Region San Ignacio
Varieties Catimor, Pache, Caturra, Bourbon, Geisha
Elevation 1681 - 1836 Meters
Process 36 - 48 hr. Fermentation
Tastes Like Blood Orange, Poached Plum, Silky


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