Homacho, Ethiopia

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The Homacho Waeno Cooperative operates four washing stations in the Aleta Wondo district of Sidama. Founded in 1969, the co-op represents over 3700 family farms growing heirloom variety coffee on small plots around 1880 meters above sea level. This year we brought in both washed and sun-dried natural processed lots. Rather than release them separately, we chose to blend them together to create a cup that showcases the juicy honeydew melon flavors of the washed and the luscious strawberry flavors of the natural for one amazingly sweet and refreshing cup.

Producer:   Homacho Waeno Cooperative
Region:   Sidama, Ethiopia
Variety:   Heirloom
Elevation:   1800-2000 meters
Process:   Washed + Sun-dried Natural
Tastes Like:   Strawberry / Honeydew Melon / Juicy
We roast on Monday and Tuesday and ship USPS priority. Orders placed after Tuesday will be filled immediately if we have the coffee on hand. Otherwise, your order will be roasted & shipped the following Monday.