Guatemala, Finca La Bolsa

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In 1995, Maria Elena Vides and her son, Renardo, took over La Bolsa farm, purchased by Maria’s father, Jorge Vides in 1958. In the beginning, Jorge split his time between cultivating the farm and practicing as a medical doctor, slowly building the land into an exceptional farm. In 1984, when specialty coffee was in its infancy, Dr. Vides won the prestigious Outstanding Coffee Grower award; not only did Dr.Vides excel at cultivating coffee, but he was also generous with his resources, starting community initiatives such as a child-care center as well as a program that offers grants to those who work at La Bolsa to continue their education. Continuing her father’s legacy, Maria Elena and Renardo care for four anexos (neighboring properties) to help extended family and have even started an organic farm on a vacant anexo, a process that took 5 years of work.

Region Huehuetenango
Varieties Caturra, Bourbon
Elevation 1,500 - 1,700 Meters
Process Washed
Tastes Like Green Apple, Flaky Pastry, Caramel

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