Grind Comparison Sample

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Do you ever wonder if your grind size is right for your brew method? Select one of the brew methods from the drop-down above and we'll send you a small pouch of pre-ground coffee to compare to your home grinder settings.

To use:

1.  Gently flatten the pouch and observe the average grind size. (We recommend keeping the coffee in the pouch so you can reference it later if needed.)

2.  Grind a few beans from your order and compare the average grind size to ours. Note: You may have a slightly more inconsistent grind, so aim to align the average grind size.

3.  Repeat this process until your grind size matches.

Please note: 
The coffee sent in these samples is not intended for brewing. The coffee in these pouches may be comprised of various coffees up to 3 months old.

Limit 2 per order.  Not available as single-item purchase.