Ederleth Lozano, Limited Release Colombia

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During his recent trip to Colombia, our green buyer, Ryan, was honored to be a judge for Café Para la Paz (Coffee for Peace) in Huila. At the competition, farmers submitted over 260 microlots for blind tasting. In a male dominated competition, female producers' coffees won the top three spots, sending a strong message about gender equality in coffee production.

It took a steep mountainside hike for Ryan to reach Ederleth’s remote but stunning farm, Cosita Linda. Growing up in a farming community, Ederleth spent her early years playing among the flowering trees, fostering a deep love for the plants. At Cosita Linda, this love is easy to see. Though the terrain is difficult, Ederleth is committed to natural farming methods and picking only ripe cherries during harvest. She was overcome with emotion when she learned that her coffee had taken 3rd place in the competition.

Region:   Algeciras, Huila
Variety:   Caturra, Colombia, Castillo
Elevation:   1600 meters
Processs:   Washed, 24hr Fermentation
Awards:   3rd Place Cafe Para la Paz
Tastes like:   Nectarine / Fruit Punch / Panela

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