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FAQ & Behind The Scenes

Coffee cupping

Conventional recipes call for coarsely ground coffee with a maximum brew time of 12 hours. Our recipe is a little different; developed over the course of 6 years for our Nitro Cold Brew program, this recipe uses finely ground coffee and brews for 24 hours. By drastically changing these two factors, this recipe achieves a fuller extraction of very dense, light roasted coffees. In turn, you'll experience more origin character and complexity. 

For cold brew concentrate to dilute or use in mixed drinks:

  • 100g finely ground cold brew
  • 800g filtered room temp water

For a brew you can pour straight over ice without diluting:

  • 75g cold brew
  • 825g filtered room temp water


  1. Add the coffee to the French Press, then slowly add half of your water.
  2. Stir thoroughly to fully saturate the grounds. Add the remaining water and put the lid on. Gently press the plunger to rest just on top of the brew without touching the grounds.
  3. Let sit at room temperature undisturbed for around 24 hours.
  4. After 24 hours submerge the plunger half-way. Avoid letting it touch the grounds on the bottom.
  5. Slowly tilt the press and pour from the top. Try to keep the grounds at the bottom as still as possible throughout your pour. Gravity is your primary filtration method. 
  6. When you reach the last few ounces the grounds will start to break up and slide along the side of the press. Stop pouring around this point.
  7. Store the cold brew in the refrigerator for up to 7 days.
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